Chesapeake Health Care Pediatric Dentistry Residents

Chesapeake Health Care – NYUMC Pediatric Dentistry Residents offering testimony on behalf of Senate Bill 284, which proposes mandating adult dental coverage under the state’s Medicaid program.

Dr. Jaspreet Ghuman (PGY-2) and Dr. Megan Golia (PGY-1) impressed the Finance Committee Chairman with their poised and to the point comments on the sad state of oral health experienced by the parents of the children that they are devoted to treating.

This marked the second consecutive year in which our Pediatric Dental residents appeared before a Senate committee on behalf of the oral health needs of adults



For Mike Scully

After seeing that Twitter banner of his, I knew that Mike Scully would especially like the Springsteen medley (sadly, however, not featuring Nils Lofgren, nor abiding by copyright laws)

Springsteen in Concert – Not Fade Away/She’s the One/Backstreets – Medley 1977

Springsteen in Concert – Buddy Holly’s Rave On

Thunder Road (Capitol Theater 1978 version)

And for visual and funny bone needs, The Marx Brothers:

Duck Soup

Animal Crackers   (I saw Groucho at the Sutton Theater in New York when Animal Crackers was re-released, after about 40 years in the vaults)

A Day at the Races

A Night at the Opera

A Night in Casablanca

The Coconuts

Patience. These are large files and may take a while to stream to your mp3 player


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TheAcsMan now comes to its end.

In 13 months, there were nearly 68,000 views and almost 500,000 pages viewed, so “THANK YOU,” as a transition gets underway.

That transition takes me to LEAPtoProfit. For the next few months LEAPtoProfit will be updated without a paywall in place. After that, however, I have to pay the rent on this website, somehow.

Over the course of the next few months trades on the existing portfolio will continue to be updated in preparation for a longer time-frame trading portfolio that makes more use of covered LEAP options, as I move to a reduced trading platform.

If you understand Why LEAPS, I hope to see you on the other side.