After seeing that Twitter banner of his, I knew that Mike Scully would especially like the Springsteen medley (sadly, however, not featuring Nils Lofgren, nor abiding by copyright laws)

Springsteen in Concert – Not Fade Away/She’s the One/Backstreets – Medley 1977

Springsteen in Concert – Buddy Holly’s Rave On

Thunder Road (Capitol Theater 1978 version)

And for visual and funny bone needs, The Marx Brothers:

Duck Soup

Animal Crackers   (I saw Groucho at the Sutton Theater in New York when Animal Crackers was re-released, after about 40 years in the vaults)

A Day at the Races

A Night at the Opera

A Night in Casablanca

The Coconuts

Patience. These are large files and may take a while to stream to your mp3 player


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