JImage result for welcome backust a couple of weeks ago, actually not even that long ago, I bid a farewell to an old friend, whose name I always had difficulty in spelling.

That was Weyerhaueser.

Today, along with LuLuLemon, I welcomed it back.

In my ideal world, at least when it comes to stocks, that is what I would be doing again and again.

A couple of years ago it was that way with Twitter.

Last year it was Marathon Oil.

The problem is that in the past years those positions welcomed back again and again were few and far between. In previous years that was more the norm, but not so much lately. These days I get excited about being able to find a single stock that becomes a serial purchase, so I’m especially happy that there may be 2 of those this week.

Where the problem has found its root is that in the past couple of years stocks that have been assigned from me and then retraced some of its value to seemingly warrant another purchase, just haven’t bounced back as high or as quickly as they had in years past.

These days those slumps seem more prolonged.

Yet, we’re at or near all time highs on the important indexes.

What is still undeniable is that so much of the advances that have been seen for the past couple of years are concentrated in the hands of a small number of highly defined stocks. The advances in those stocks have dragged the indexes along, but individual stocks have been a totally different story.

That is the real story of this great assault on records.

If you can remember all the way back to 2007 when we hit the DJIA highs of about 14,000, a full 50% ago, the gains were so much more broadly distributed.

For my part, I don’t care too much about the distribution as long as I can identify some stocks that dwell in mediocrity, but do so consistently and maintain some decent premiums due to their occasional price spikes.

The last time I owned Weyerhaueser it was for a long time, but it performed really well compared to the S&P 500.

This time around, I want to just lease it for a short time and I wouldn’t mind seeing it assigned at the end of the week.

I still value cash, but as long as there appears to be some continued movement of the overall market higher, why not be a participant?

What I do plan to do over the course of the next few weeks, is to tempt fate and execute more DOH trades, as I did with Twitter today.

The difference is that I might not mind seeing some of those positions getting assigned away at losses, as I want more and more cash at this moment.

While I have been moving in that direction, even while having less invested, the increased trading activity has kept me happy, while also maintaining lower risk exposure.

So far, I’m liking 2016 even more than I liked 2016, which was a very good year by every measure for me, except for the total number of closed positions.

So far, 2017 has surpassed that metric and has certainly had far more trading.

And a lot less writing.